Etna- Hazelnut, Quinoa & Vegan Milk Chocolate


Vegan chocolate, hazelnut, quinoa and cocoa powder

My name is Etna and I’m an Italian sheep that loves hazelnuts! Especially if they are covered with vegan milk chocolate and quinoa, yummy! I love playing with my friends Luca and Andrea.

Hazelnuts are rich in calcium, plant protein and vitamins. Besides, quinoa is a superfood that is rich in proteins, is gluten-free and very tasty. An amazing combination of flavours!

Each bottle of Grins contains 80g of delicious vegan dragees.

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Its story

Hazelnut is typical of Piedmont (Italy). We chose to personalize this Grins with an illustration of a Sheep being loved by two little people rejecting the sheep exploitation in Italy due to the high consumption of dairy products. Finally, we chose the name Etna in reference to the volcano located on the coast of Sicily.


Ingredients: chocolate coating (whole cane sugar, cocoa butter, 14% powdered rice drink, cocoa paste, powdered tigernut semolina, hazelnut cream, bourbon vanilla extract, salt), hazelnut, olive oil , quinoa, cocoa powder, potassium carbonate.

May contain traces of other nuts, milk and gluten.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information for 100g
Energy 586,48 kcal
Fats 43,09 g
of which saturates 16,63 g
Carbohydrates 43,51 g
of which sugars 33,27 g
Protein 4,81 g
Fiber 4,45 g
Salt 0,09 g