Grins is born out of our desire to make vegan snacks that combine high-quality chocolate with nuts and/or dried fruits. Moreover, since our products are vegan and are made without animal-based ingredients, our pralines can be consumed by anyone who is lactose intolerant and/or allergic to egg.

Grins means “children’s chocolate smiles”. The aim of our pralines therefore is to allow you to spend moments of happiness with your loved ones.

We are lovers of natural, organic and artisan products. This is why each jar comes with an illustration exclusively drawn by @marinamandarina_illustration, who helped us from day one to reflect in her drawings what we wanted to explain in our project: the love between people and animals.

Since we believe in world harmony and the equality of all living beings, we thought Grins should go hand in hand with a social responsibility programme based on two fundamental pillars: supporting child-related projects and animal welfare programmes. This past Christmas we already made our first collaboration with the Mona Foundation who work for the welfare and conservation of primates.

On the other hand, when we studied the ideal packaging for our Grins we considered that we should preserve the environment , so we decided to use a recycled cardboard bottle and have their respective metal lids separated so that it would be 100% recyclable. In the near future we would like the packaging to be made from a single piece and to be 100% biodegradable.

About us

We are Albert and Nerea, a couple united by our love for sweets.

Albert has over 25 years of experience in patisserie and Nerea has been a dietician and nutritionist for more than 10 years. Over the last years, after following a vegetarian diet, we’ve come to realise that in today’s market there is no vegan snack made out of chocolate and dry fruits. This is how we came up with the idea of making a vegan snack that would combine two of our passions: chocolate and dry fruits. The last reason that pushed us to embark on this adventure was the birth of our daughter Ona.